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Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to Control Your Dog's Barking

Though it can get annoying, there are several reasons why your pet dog barks. The primary reason is because it is a dog's alerting mechanism. A dog's senses are alerted by such things as unfamiliar people, other animals, loud noises, or strange odors that it may not recognize. Dog's also bark when they feel threatened or become agitated as a warning to any aggressors. Despite your dog's natural reaction, there are some things you can do to minimize the annoying constant barking that could drive you crazy.

Tip #1: When your dog alerts on someone or something new, go ahead and encourage it to investigate. Make sure you accompany him as he approaches the source of interest. Make sure you aren't petting or affirming his actions at this point, and don't let your pet investigate for a prolonged period of time. Once you determine that the source of his anxiety is harmless, divert your pet's attention to another activity you know he likes, such as throwing and retrieving a ball, or a playing hide and seek. Make sure your actions indicate that the original source of the dog's anxiety is completely harmless. Interact with the person or object in question showing that it does not represent any danger to you or your pet. By acting casual, your dog will soon come to realize that the person or thing is not something to be concerned about, and you should start to see a decrease in the level of barking as your pet becomes more comfortable.

Tip #2: In the event that your dog actually alerts on a stranger, be sure to adequately praise him for alerting you to possible danger. Some dogs often react in a hostile manner toward delivery personnel. If this is the case with your pet, act normally and show the dog that the person is friendly. Escort your dog to the door and have him sit as you greet the person. Hand the delivery person a dog treat and ask him or her to offer it to your pet when you give the signal.

Use a firm voice and tell the dog to sit if he ties to approach or lunge at the person. Once your pet is under control, change your tone to one of friendliness and show the dog that this person is friendly. As your dog begins to calm down, have the person give the dog the treat, but ask them not to pet the dog. Now praise the dog for behaving in an acceptable manner.

Repetition is key in training your dog to do what you want him to. Make sure you do this every time you have this situation until the dog becomes comfortable and obedient without correction. It will take a few times, but your pet will soon become conditioned to do the right thing.

Tip #3: In the event that you actually have a stranger or someone not welcome at your door, you will want to praise your dog when for alerting you to the situation. Don't suppress your dog's reaction to someone who is not welcome in your home, however, you still need to have him under control. If your dog inadvertently attacks or bites someone without just cause, you could potentially face legal action.

Dogs bark for many reasons. Some are justified while others can be very annoying. The key is to be repetitive in conditioning your pet to respond the way you want in any given situation. It takes consistency and patience, but all breeds of dog are capable of learning the behaviors you desire from them.

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